Understanding the Cranial Helmet Therapy

 There are mainly two kinds of positional skull deformation. The two are brachycephaly and plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly happens when the ears of a small child are misaligned because one side of the head becomes flat. On the other hand, brachycephaly happens when the front part of the skull bulge as a result of head flattening at the back.  The main cause of change in the shape of the skull of a baby is pressure. It is vital to note that the skull of an infant is very soft and a slight pressure can deform it. Read about 
plagiocephaly helmet in this article.

The change ins shape can correct itself naturally. This is only possible if the pressure is low. However, when there is high pressure, your baby will require treatment to correct the condition. For the treatment to be effective, you must see a doctor when the baby is still young. For older babies, the skull is hard and thus cannot be molded.

When you visit a physician, they will start by examining the baby. If they are satisfied that there is deformation, they will then be recommended physical therapy. Physical therapy will help in strengthening the muscles and in the heat turning preference. If the child is not responding to physical therapy, the physician will recommend cranial helmets for infants

The general physician will recommend the parent to an orthopedic. The orthopedic will further examine the child and then make a customized helmet. The helmet is supposed to be worn for 23 hours a day. It will be taken off during cleaning and bathing.  The helmet will have to be worn for about four months depending on the severity of the condition. The purpose of the helmet is to keep the round part of the skull steady while allowing the other flat part to grow.     

If you wear your baby the helmet properly, skin irritation, discomfort, and the bad smell will not occur. If the child experience any of these issues, you need to see the doctor. The orthopedic will do an adjustment on the helmet to ensure that it fits the infant properly. At the begging, the child will be uncomfortable, but after a few days, they will adapt. 

In new jersey, there are several places where you can take your bay if they have brachycephaly and plagiocephaly. The prosthetic companies will make a customized cranial helmet for your baby at a cheap price. When you are visiting a facility in new jersey to get the prosthetic, ensure that you have done enough research about the prosthetic company on the internet. Follow this link to learn more about orthopedic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthotics.